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Your Shutter Team at AZ Shutters Manufacturing

Ivan Guzman


Ivan has been our Project Manager for about 20 years.  Under our new company, as the owner of AZ Shutter Manufacturing, he brings  over30 years of experience to the business. This new factory is so much bigger and all of the machinery really gets his creative juices flowing!  Nothing is too good for his customers.   His workers all love him and he knows how to run the shop efficiently.  He puts his heart and soul into his work and it shows.   His whole family knows how to make shutters.  He has honed a skill and taught so many how to appreciate the benefits of real wood products.

Eugene Sherman


Gene, known all over the state as, the AZ Shutterman,  has been working with shutters since Arizona had only one Area code.  His knowledge of creating beautiful shutters with  Arizona climatized wood will astound you.   He brings the love of customer satisfaction and the spirit of goodwill.  He is a champion of integrity and a proponent of excellence in customer service.  He stands behind our product 100%   He will bring samples and ideas on how you can create your own oasis in the desert!  You can  feel confident in his judgement.  When he comes to your house, you will receive a free in-home quote on the spot.   He will measure the whole house, then you get to decide!  We can do the whole house now or you can call us to initiate your dream in stages.  No pressure.  You have the power to create lasting beautiful custom wood shutters in your home.  You can call the office today for an appointment 

Karen Meyer


Karen has worked in the office of Arizona Shutters and Blinds since 2011.  She designed our database and Website.  She takes the lead at AZ Shutter Manufacturing as the Office Manager, overseeing the accounts payable and receivable and she brings her creative talent to the plate by creating something special for customers who refer us to others.  Her cards are sent out to special customers with a gift card as appreciation for thinking of us when your friends are looking for a high quality shutter to increase their property value and enhance their elegant home.

About Us

Ruth Sherman


When she is not tap dancing or playing championship tennis, Ruth helps us with scheduling your installation and arranging for your install.  She also helps with accounts receivable.  She loves the customers and people appreciate her knowledge of shutters that she brings to the business.  You can't be the wife of Arizona's most successful Shutter salesman, AZ Shutterman Gene Sherman and NOT know how shutters are made.  

Martin Tienda


There is so much I can say about this man.  He is a true genius when it comes to woodworking and shutter creation as well as installation.  He is our Chief Installer.  The younger boys always want to go with him to help because they learn so much from him.  Our customers cannot say enough about his polite manners, his efficient workmanship and ability to get the job done....RIGHT!  Our job is to find out your community, your exact address and if GPS doesn't know about you, we will get him your exact directions.   We need to get him to your location with this precious truck load full of your new shutters!

Ginger Schoneau


Ginger is a talented interior designer.  She works to give our customers on the West side of Maricopa County, the experiences of a lifetime!  She is a much valued designer.   You will love Ginger! She is such a delight and full of trendy new ideas to make your home a haven on earth!  You can call the office to or apply on line for an appointment with her if you live west of the 17 freeway.  She brings years of experience designing for some of the most elegant homes in the Scottsdale panorama.